Writing a foolproof shopping list


Are you concerned that you might not get just what you want if you somebody else does your shopping for you? The key to making a shopping list for a personal shopper is to be specific. Tell me exactly what you want--what brand, what size, what substitutions are acceptable. If you do not specify a quantity I will get one of the item.

Instead of "Yeast" say
Bulk nutritional yeast flakes, 1/2 pound
Small jar Red Star yeast

Instead of "Peaches" say
5 white peaches, organic (fine to substitute yellow)
2 cans non-organic peach halves in juice (any brand)

Instead of "Yogurt" say
32 oz Straus Whole Milk Maple Yogurt (substitute plain same brand plus small jar 100% maple syrup.)
Nancy's blackberry fruit on top nonfat single serving yogurt