Personal Chef Serving Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

The first thing we'll do is meet to discuss your dietary needs and food likes and dislikes. I'll take a bunch of notes and then send you a tentative list of dishes based on what you told me. You can design your own menu from that list or let me put one together. We'll work out a schedule that works for both of us.
It is up to you whether I come in while you are at home or do my cooking while you are at work. I can use your kitchen utensils or bring my own.

I will come into your kitchen with freshly purchased ingredients. Generally I'll buy everything the day I cook it, but if I'm cooking on Monday and there's a farmer's market on Sunday, I'll buy as many items as I can from the local farmers--the produce is still much fresher than it would be after moving through the conventional system.

I'll spend two to four hours cooking two or three day's worth of meals and leave them in reusable containers in the fridge. I ask that you wash them so that they are ready for me to fill up again the next time I come. I will leave the kitchen clean and filled with the savory aromas of good food.
Most personal chefs only cook once a week. But I wouldn't feed my family a dish that's been sitting in the refrigerator for five days: I don't want to feed that to your family, either. I cook just two or three days of meals at a time.

Service is monthly. Not sure whether having a personal chef is for you? I offer a sample four-day service. Prices vary according the number of people and number of meals.
Email me with the number of meals you need and your family size for your pricing information.

Complete ingredient lists for each dish are available upon request. I work with you to cut out any ingredients you may have allergies or sensitivities to, or anything you just don't like! And if you're following a diet or have a favorite recipe you'd like me cook, I'd be happy to cook the dishes you want.