Summersong Simple Foods is a healthy personal chef service

Food fads have brought us a lot of scares and substitutions through the decades. Incomplete research suggests a finding and diets are developed around it which ultimately turn out to be bad for us. The low-fat diet, for instance, which encouraged people eat more sugar instead of fat and end up with a much less healthy diet. More recent research suggests that was a incorrect finding in the first place. Or low-carb diets which restrict fruits and veggies but encourage chemical-laden processed meats.

Why not forget about all the diets and just eat naturally?

All my ingredients are as whole and natural as they can get. I use fresh vegetables, extra virgin oils, pastured animal products, and whole grains. Your customizable menu will give you a balanced diet, with a big serving of veggies and a moderate serving of protein with every meal. A moderate amount of olive, sesame, or other healthy oil in many dishes brings out flavors in the healthiest possible way.

I cook the way we were meant to eat.

I am not a nutritionist. I keep up with the research of those who are and incorporate it into my philosophy of a varied, natural diet that looks a lot like it might have many generations ago.

Taste and health are equally important in my cooking. The taste part comes naturally: if it doesn't taste terrific, I don't cook it. The health part, well, it turns out that comes along with the taste. For instance, did you know that many nutritionists today are concluding that a piece of toast spread with a bit of grass-fed butter is actually healthier and less likely to cause unwanted weight gain than toast with no butter? Here's how it works: When you eat fats with carbs the carbs are broken down into sugars and absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly than if you ate them by themselves. When a lot of sugars are quickly taken up into the bloodstream, the body releases a lot of insulin, which causes cells to take up the sugars and store them as fat. But if the carbs in your stomach are digested slowly, as they are in the presence of fiber and fat, your blood-sugar levels don't spike: they rise slowly. Instead of racing to store the harmful excess of sugars, your body uses most of them and only stores some. So not long after you eat that slice of white bread your blood-sugar is low again and you're hungry again. But the whole grain bread with butter is still slowly keeping your blood-sugar at the perfect level. So what does this mean for the meals you'll be eating? I combine fiber-rich whole grains, a wide variety of veggies, the healthiest fats (never any trans-fats!) and lean protein for nutrition-dense and slowly digested meals for optimum blood-sugar and overall health.

Why eat grass-fed?

Cows aren't meant to eat corn. But they do, when crammed into feedlots. They grow obese and their stomachs become highly acidified, killing their natural stomach flora and allowing the growth of bugs like E. coli, which have evolved to live in acidic environments and can therefor make US sick. This unnatural diet also means they're always sick, so they are routinely fed antibiotics, contributing to the rise of resistant strains of bacteria and making antibiotics less effective for people.
Grass-fed cows, on the other hand, live much more humane lives out on pasture. Their meat is free of growth hormones and antibiotics, and they are unlikely to carry E. coli. They don't get fed feed with potentially contaminated animal by-products. Their fat is much healthier, containing significantly higher proportions of omega-3s and CLA.

More information coming soon, on the Summersong Health Blog.